With The Recent Acquisition Of KD Will Anyone Beat the Golden State Warriors

Described by John Hollinger as a "scoring prodigy" Kevin Durant is a juggernaut of a player who regularly finishes as one of NBA's points leaders, and a powerful playmaker who regularly assists as well as scoring points himself. After spending his entire career so far (nine years) at Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant became a free agent and opted to sign for the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors were a powerful team even before the signing of KD, but now they look truly unstoppable heading into the 2016-17 season. When looking for basketball odds, the Warriors would seem the obvious favourite. Which leads to the question, can anybody beat them? After taking a closer look at many of the teams, we’ve earmarked the top five teams who could beat the Warriors. While it won’t be easy and there are no guarantees, they at least have a fighting chance.


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Led by LeBron James, who recently signed a three-year deal to stay with the team, the Cavaliers are the reigning NBA champions and that is not to be taken lightly. Along with James the team still have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and, as a unit, the team seem to get better and better, season after season. The Cav’s will be optimistic about potentially retaining their championship in the coming season, and while it won’t be easy, they have the pedigree to be champions again and to overcome the roadblock known as the Warriors.



While it’s easy to assume that the Thunder will take a massive step backwards over the coming season, the team left behind by KD will have a major point to prove when they come up against the Warriors. Thunder still have star power in Russell Westbrook plus the big man combo of Steven Adams and Enes Kanter, in fact maybe the only reason Thunder lost to the Warriors in the 2016 playoffs is because they didn’t utilise the two big men, they’ll be sure not to make the same mistake this time.



The Spurs have a new acquisition in big man Pau Gasol, who alongside LaMarcus Aldridge, who will look to capitalise on teams without big defensive players, just like the Warriors. Will Golden State may be the star-studded super team ahead of the new season, even they will struggle to cope with the combination of Gasol and Aldridge.



Another team that have done well from the draft with young upstart Isaiah Thomas who looks ready to set the world on fire, plus the capture of Al Horford could turn out to be a major coup for the side. The Celtics are a very well coaches unit, and with a strong core of players, they may fancy their chances when they come up against the Warriors.



With a tremendous team that includes Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, they have all the tools necessary to create a nightmare for any team they should come up against. Then there’s the shooting prowess of Jamal Crawford and JJ Redick who will be ready to outscore any opponent. The biggest test for the Clippers will be keeping everybody fit and healthy this season, should they manage that, the sky is the limit, and that could even include beating the Warriors.